How to write a coursework?

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Regardless of the subject matter, any coursework must be clearly and beautifully printed on quality paper. Its appearance must be presentable and neat.

The sequence of coursework items that must be followed is:

  • title page;
  • wording of the task from the leading department;
  • feedback from the supervisor;
  • if necessary – a list of abbreviations used;
  • content of the work – listing all its sections with the corresponding page numbering;
  • preface to the work (its introductory part);
  • main body with relevant conclusions and conclusions;
  • if necessary – the analytical part;
  • conclusion to the analytical part;
  • if necessary – a complete list of scientific terms used in the process of writing the work;
  • the list of references on which the course work is based;
  • applications (tables, charts, etc.) – if available.

The design of the text. What requirements need to be considered to know how to write a coursework?

Knowing how to write a coursework involves the use of high-quality white paper standard A4. In this case, printing should be carried out exclusively on one side of the sheet. Traditionally used font is Times New Roman with a size of 14, because it is clear and as readable as possible. On both sides must comply with the field. On the left side, the indentation width should be at least 3 cm, and on the right, 1 cm. On the upper and lower sides, 2 cm should be retreated.

As required, each new section and subsection must begin on the next page. The only exceptions are introduction and conclusion. Arabic numerals are used to designate page numbering. The name of each subtitle is indicated in the middle of the line. Underline, dot at the end, as well as word wrap in the title are by no means allowed.

In the text of the course work is not allowed to shorten words. If necessary, you can use only conventional abbreviations. At registration the continuous numbering of all pages of work, except for the title one, is provided.

Private moments

Quite often there is a need to use different formulas, tables, graphs and illustrations when writing a term paper. In this case, the results of their work must be made taking into account all the rules. Formulas that appear in the text of the work should be numbered in Arabic numerals enclosed in parentheses. Graphs and tables are located immediately after mentioning them within the boundaries of a single sheet. Illustrations must be signed immediately.

At the end of the coursework, you must specify the list of references that was used to write it. In this case, the order of formation of this list can be any – alphabetical or thematic. Only Arabic numerals can be used for numbering.